Brandon Knapping Tools

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Brandon Knapping Tools

Post by grendel on Sun May 27, 2012 6:06 am

We've got the vids of them being used on our YouTube Channel.

Now ever wondered about the tools themselves?
Well, wonder no more, Museum Weapons Conserver Martin John Hinchcliffe has made a authentic set.

He sent me these details
Quarting Hammer. Head made from mild steel, 2” Square by 5” long, overall length 11 ½”, weight 4 1/4lbs, shaft ash.
Knapping Hammer. Head made from an old file, soften and forged, not re hardened. Length 9”, width 1 1/8”, thickness main section 5/16” both ends 3/32”, overall length 10 ½”, shaft ash.
Anvil. Forged from mild steel, 1” square, 6” long, blade 1/8” by 1”.
French Knapping Hammer. Head mild steel, 3” Dia’ by 5/16” thick, overall length 7 5/8”, shaft ash.

Also this webpage has more information about the tools
<LI>Gillet-Laumont 1797 - pl_23.jpg
<LI>Skertchly 1879 - p-016.jpg
<LI>Skertchly 1879 - p-019.jpg
Skertchly 1879 - p-020.jpg</LI>

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