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Calico Dig, America inhabited 50,000+ Years Ago

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Calico Dig, America inhabited 50,000+ Years Ago Empty Calico Dig, America inhabited 50,000+ Years Ago

Post by grendel on Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:59 am

I've no idea of the validity of the claims being made about Calico, but it's intriguing just from a curiosity point of view alone.

In the 1960's the famous Dr Louis Leakey left Africa to start a dig in the Mohave desert in the US to do the unthunkable, prove America was inhabited prior to 12,000. His dig, finds and everything have been on display since then but largely ignored by US archaeologists. Nowadays the 12,000 year barrier has finally been broken and but most estimates are still under 20,000 years old which leave Calico still in a class of its own.

Here's a multipart documentary

Here's a brief peek inside the pit

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