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Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone Empty Hi Everyone

Post by grendel on Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:51 am

Welcome to UK Knapping Forum

I have been meaning to start a forum like this for sometime, but never seemed to have the time. However my webserver company came to the rescue, raising its prices so high I could no-longer continue to use them, so decided to find another company. The trouble with this being my existing websites were spread all over the place and written in rather dated HTML and incompatable with the new company's flash format. So I bit the bullet and decided to converge all my web interests into a single site, rewriting them and somehow managed to find time to create this forum while doing it. The new website will take a while to finish, but it's worth a visit and the link's under my avatar.

So to my introduction, I live in London am interested in prehistoric British archaeology and for some reason mesoamerican too. I learnt to knap a because I wanted to make Maquahuitls and started what was back then the web's first Maquahuitl site. In the interviening years I have tried many kinds of knapping and become a master of none. Earlier this year I attended a geology course and since then have become a bit of a Rockhound and am now attempting to knap one point in as many different kinds of rock as possible and put them in a nice display case by the end of 2011. I'm aiming for at least 50 points in the case, but so far only have 9. Hopefully this will change soon as my one of my xmas gifts is some mooklite.

So welcome to the forum and I hope everyone finds it a productive experience.

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